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A Personal Note from John

Meet John Fredrickson

John Fredrickson is a father, husband, mental health professional and educator running to represent District 20 in the Nebraska Legislature. He has spent the last 10 years helping people overcome challenges through his work as a mental health provider and teaching the next generation of Social Workers as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. After growing up in Omaha, he returned from New York with his husband and son to grow his family here in District 20. He strongly believes that Nebraska is at its best when the Good Life is an opportunity for all Nebraskans - one that includes a strong, fully-funded public school system, quality, affordable healthcare, and a strong local economy to support our community. 

John grew up in Omaha, raised by parents who taught him the value of hard work, service to your community, and justice for all. The same values he is now instilling in his son. He graduated from Skutt Catholic High School, where he was recognized with the inaugural Outstanding Alumni Award. He moved to New York in 2005 for school, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from NYU and a Master’s degree from Columbia University. 

John's career has centered around providing evidenced-based treatment to help those in need. He started his career at Callen-Lorde, a Federally Qualified Health Center that serves the LGBTQ community. He later served at NYU's Student Health Center as a senior clinician, and then opened his own private practice, where he currently works with people from all backgrounds. He has consulted businesses to bolster employee well-being and taught advanced graduate degree courses at Columbia University, including Advanced Clinical Practice and the Assessment and Treatment of Suicidal Behavior.  Serving a diverse population has reinforced his belief that we must invest in our communities to make them a solid, safe place to grow and prosper. In his line of work, success is determined by the ability to listen, develop trust, provide advice and drive change. This will be no different from the approach John will take in Lincoln, as his professional experiences will inform how he legislates - ensuring all Nebraskans grow and prosper from evidence-based policies.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this campaign and why I am running to represent our district. 

I entered this race as I believe District 20 deserves a new generation of leadership. One filled with hope for Nebraska's future and the potential we have to make this good life even better. One that reflects values that not only retain our communities’ talent, but attract others to want to join us. As a parent with a child in our education system, I have skin in the game to fight to make sure that our schools are fully-funded and offer high quality education for all of our children. As the son of a two-time breast cancer survivor, I understand the importance of having barrier-free access to quality, affordable healthcare. As a social worker who started his own practice and the son of a local business owner, I understand the role that both a strong economy and opportunity play in a healthy society - and the responsibility we have to ensure equitable opportunities for all Nebraskans pursuing their dreams. 

I'll wrap up by sharing a story. When living in New York, people would often ask me what Nebraska is like. I've always said - and continue to say - that the State punches above its weight. I'm a firm believer in the potential and possibility of our great State, and I believe we need strong leadership that reflects the future instead of litigating the ideas of the past. I'm fired up to get to work creating the Good Life for All. I hope to earn your support on this journey.

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