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John's Priorities


John is a strong advocate for education. He will fight to ensure our schools have the resources they need to provide a quality education for all of our children. He knows that strong public education means a strong workforce in Nebraska.


John will strive to make sure that every Nebraskan has access to affordable and quality mental health services and comprehensive healthcare, including reproductive healthcare. John is the only subject matter expert in mental health in the Legislature, bringing a much needed perspective to the table.

Mental Health + Healthcare

John knows that attracting and retaining talented citizens to live in our great state is the best way to grow our economy, strengthen our communities, and ensure a sustainable future. John will prioritize legislation that attracts and retains talent to keep Nebraska growing for generations to come.


Opportunity + Workforce Retention


John understands the effect that inflation is having on our family budgets. John will work to reduce tax burdens by advocating for new revenue sources and ending unfunded mandates.

Tax Relief

John understands the threat that climate change poses to our communities throughout Nebraska. John supports a statewide climate action plan that is responsible, evidence-based, and reflective of the threat at hand. 

Our Future



John believes the Good Life is at its best when we are welcoming, inclusive, and equitable. John will be a strong advocate for all Nebraskans.


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