John is a strong advocate for education. He will fight to ensure our schools have the resources they need to provide a quality education for all of our children. He knows that strong public education means a strong workforce in Nebraska.


John will strive to make sure that every Nebraskan has access to affordable and quality mental health services and healthcare. As a Social Worker, John has seen first-hand the importance of accessible healthcare for Nebraska families. John will include mental health in all discussions about healthcare in the Legislature.

Mental Health & Healthcare

John knows that attracting and retaining talented citizens to live in our great State is the best way to grow our economy, strengthen our communities, and ensure a sustainable future. John will prioritize legislation that attracts and retains talent to foster a welcoming, inclusive environment that keeps Nebraska growing for generations to come.


Opportunity + Workforce Retention


John believes the Good Life is at its best when we are welcoming, inclusive, and equitable. John will be a strong advocate for all Nebraskans.


John understands the threat that climate change poses to our communities throughout Nebraska. John supports a statewide climate action plan that is responsible, evidence-based, and reflective of the threat at hand. 

Our Future


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